International Brussels!

Like you, we are Brussels residents from around Europe and around the world. We’re volunteering for the VoteBrussels Campaign with the Brussels Region to sign up 300,000 voters for the communal elections on 13 October. Our 2018 VoteBrussels campaign helped to double the number of international voters for the 2018 communal elections. Our successful 1bru1Vote petition secured a resolution from the Brussels Regional Parliament to fight long-term for the regional right to vote for international voters, greater outreach and more automatic voter registration. The Brussels Region is now supporting our new VoteBrussels Campaign to offer trainings for international voters at all 19 Brussels city halls and to set up ‘voting box’ stands across the city in May & June, ahead of the 31 July voter registration deadline.

Did you know that international voters could be ONE THIRD of all voters in the Brussels Region? That’s enormous, when city councilors usually get elected with just a few hundred votes.

The problem is that most internationals like you have not signed up to vote because they did not get the right information on how to sign up and why your voice matters. This year, a lot could change in our commune. The elections will be extremely close and there’s a lot of national and local parties to choose from on the issues that you care about. A lot could change in your commune. We have more powers at local level in Belgium than anywhere else in Europe. You can vote to improve your street, your neighborhood, your security, your services at city hall, your quality of life! What are the most important changes that you would like to vote for in our commune?

We are all signed up to vote and reaching out to other international voters because we believe that Brussels can become the most democratic cosmopolitan city in the world. If everyone votes, politicians will have to be more responsive to ordinary citizens like you and me. And we will get one big step closer to the commune we want.

There’s no need to worry about signing up—there’s no risks, no problems, no sanctions in Belgium or abroad. For example, if on election day you’re traveling or unavailable, you can vote by proxy by giving this form to another voter. Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in French, Dutch or English.

Signing up to vote is probably the easiest thing you’ll do in Belgium. You can sign up online with an electronic card reader or ITSME. Or print out the form (for EU citizens or non-EU citizens) and then mail or drop it off at your commune—no need for other documents, appointments or waiting in line.

  • Can we count on you to vote? The deadline is 31 July so take a minute to sign up now. Thank you for becoming a voter!
  • Can you also share this information with your family & friends and sign them up to vote?
  • And will you join our international community of volunteers to sign up your neighbors and colleagues?